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8: Reports, Notices, & Faxes

In order to service your Insured’s and keep you apprised of the activity in your portfolio, a variety of reports, notices and faxes are used. The tables below highlight these communications (are not all-inclusive).


All notices to Insured’s are mailed and printed daily as applicable.
Notice of Acceptance
Recap of Premium Finance Agreement with terms, schedule of polices and truth-in-lending disclosures.
Notice of Intent to Cancel
Ten day (or as specified by state law) notice of "intent to cancel" for non-payment.
Notice of Cancellation
Notification alerting that policies will be cancelled if payrt1ent is not received by cancellation date shown. A Company Cancel notice will be sent to the Insurance Company if the payment is not received by the cancellation date listed.
Notice of Request for Reinstatement
Notice generated to General Agent or Insurance Company of record requesting reinstatement of a previously cancelled account when delinquent payments have been received. Please note, honoring of such requests for reinstatement is solely at the discretion of the General Agent or Insurance Company.
Notice of revised Premium Finance Contract
Generated on all accounts that have been revised due to an additional premium transaction. The revised note reflects the current amount financed, remaining number of installments and corresponding installment amount.
Notice of Recission
Generated on accounts that have been flat cancelled.
Monthly Invoices
Lists payment amount, due date, late charge (if any) and applicable due date.