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7: Internet Access

Our Agent/Producers, General Agents and insurance companies can be on line with their Insured’s premium finance records and access account infom1ation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our internet site. Additionally, Atlas Premium Finance Company Agent/Producers and General Agents desiring an internet quoting tool can also access our Atlas online quoting tool with the same login.


If you do not have a User Login and Password, please call Agent Services at (800) 425-9113 during business hours or email to

  • An Atlas Premium Finance Comapny representative will contact you with your personal User Name and Password and walk you through a tour of the web site.


Open your internet browser and go to our website at On the top bar, click "Login" and enter your Username and Password. Please see above if you do not already have a Username and Password assigned. Once you are logged in you'll see the following screen:


Using a standard internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer), Agent/Producers and Insureds, through their unique User Name and Password, will be able to access detailed account data.

Our Agent/Producers, using a standard internet browser (Netscape, Intemet Explorer) and their unique User Name and Password, are able to produce finance agreements via the internet.

With our internet quoting software, Atlas Premium Finance Comapny Agent/Producers are able to:

  • Create new quotes
  • Save, modify, edit and delete existing quotes
  • Search for quotes by name or quote number
  • Print, email or fax the completed finance agreement to the Insured for signature
  • Produce a coupon or monthly bill
  • Print drafts (if authorized)
  • Maintain confidentiality through password protection

Reasons to use Quoting On-Line

  • Ease of Use: Screens are easy to enter and navigate, making contract production simple and quick.
  • Quoting Flexibility: If necessary, quoting configuration setups can easily and quickly be changed. Approved changes can be completed the same day as requested.
  • Wider Availability to Your Staff and Offices: Once set-up and password are delivered, any Producer's desk-top with internet access has access with no transfer of disks or restriction to a few personal computers within an office.
  • Transfer of Agent/Producer's Preferred Entry Lists: an Agent/Producer's database of business is available for access through download by Atlas Premium Finance Company. Lists are set up for each Agent/Producer or General Agent.