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4: Finance Agreements (Instructions)

What we need from you to process your production efficiently:

  • The Agent/Producer is required to provide the Insured a completed copy of the Finance Agreement, including additional provisions on the second page. Atlas PFC will only accept contracts which are completed in full, signed and dated by the Insured.
  • Contracts can be entered into the system if received by fax, email (faster options) or mail.
  • Fax: Please fax to our New Contract direct fax line at (954) 598-7292.
  • Email: Please email to Contracts (
  • Mail: The signed original contract can be sent to us at 1110 W. Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. Original agreements do not need to be sent if contracts have been faxed or e-mailed. Timely submission will ensure that billing statements are generated and mailed to your Insured well before the first payment is due.
  • Minimum Amount Financed: $800.00

Each contract must show the Insured's complete name, address, phone number, and tax identification number. An Agent/Producer's address and phone number cannot be used for the Insured's address and phone number.