Agent Handbook

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  2. Quick Reference Guide
  3. Customer Service
  4. Finance Agreements
  5. Additional Premiums
  6. Policies & Procedures
  7. Internet Access
  8. Reports, Notices, & Faxes

3: Customer Service

(800) 425-9113 Option 4 - Ext. 8604

Services Provided By the Atlas Customer Service Team

  • Quoting (exceptions or special terms)-Call Customer Service
  • Contract Status -Call or Email Customer Service
    • Boarding Status
    • Payment Status
    • Cancellation Status
  • Cancellation Hold (if payment in transit)
  • Questions About Our Premium Finance Procedures
  • Problem Resolution

In addition, please access our web-site for detailed real-time contract information at

Our Customer Service Representatives have been trained to support your efforts through all possible means and will do so in a thorough, professional manner. Please contact Thomas Gilbert at 1 (954) 391-1872 to discuss any way you feel we can improve our levels of service to our producing agent partners.