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5: Additional Premiums (Instructions)

Financing Additional Premium Instructions:

Additional premiums may be financed and added to the account provided the following conditions are met:

  1. All payments due are current
  2. At least two (2) payments remain, and
  3. The amount of the additional premium financed is at least $200.00.

Please fill out the Additional Premium endorsement form attached as Exhibit A with the following information, completing all blank areas of the form:

  • New Payment Amount: Once the additional premium has been added to the Insured's account, monthly payments due from the Insured will be calculated by Atlas Premium Finance Company. The Agent/Producer and the Insured will be notified of the finance charges and new payment amount. New payment coupons will be mailed to the Insured.
  • Down Payments: Obtain the down payment as required below and any past due payments (if not current), and, if the next installment due is within seven (7) days of the time of financing, attach the upcoming installment due (based on the new payment amount due).

    Time Elapsed Since Effective Down Payment Required on Existing Contract

    Date of Endorsement
    (as % of additional premium total)
    0-29 days
    25% of Added Premium
    30-59 days
    30% of Added Premium
    60-89 days
    40% of Added Premium
    90-119 days
    50% of Added Premium
    120 days or greater
    Please call for requirements
  • Please call us with questions.